EPOCH Purpose 15° Girls Complete Stick – Mesh Pocket


  • The Purpose 15-degree head has changed the landscape of women’s lacrosse since it hit the market in 2017.
  • This game changing head is now available with Epoch’s NEW Pro Mesh™ Pocket.
  • Designed in unison, the Pro Mesh™ pocket is engineered to optimize the sweet spot of the Purpose’s exclusive patent pending 15-degree technology.
  • Each part of the pocket is strategically designed to give you, the player, ultimate control, feel and accuracy when playing.
  • The HT Poly technology is engineered to keep your pocket consistent is all weather conditions with minimal or no adjustments.
  • The visually stunning spine of the Pro Mesh™ Pocket allows players to adjusted and obtain their desired depth and control while driving the ball to the sweet spot.
  • Just like the Purpose, the Pro Mesh™ Pocket is engineered and strung in the USA and meets US Lacrosse specs*.
  • *The head and Pro Mesh™ combination meets all USL spec at the time of production.
  • Available in a 1” concave diameter or a slim 7/8” diameter.
  • C32 – Traditional Concave Geometry. Most popular.
  • S32 – Slim Concave Geometry. Control.
  • How to adjust:
  • More Whip / Hold = Tighten bottom shooter
  • Less Whip / Smoother release = Loosen or remove the bottom shooter
  • Tighten/ Loosen Pocket = Adjust the bottom spine


Handle Size

C32 1″, S32 7/8″

Head and Mesh Color

Black/Gold, Black/Black